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We May Soon Be Able to Grow New Teeth

A significant breakthrough could change everything about dentistry.

Every dentist dreams of helping patients grow new teeth. That dream may soon become an exciting reality. 

Scientists are preparing to initiate the world’s first clinical trials of “tooth regrowth medicine” later this year. If the trials are successful, patients—whose solutions are currently limited to getting implants or dentures—will have a new, third option: the ability to regrow their permanent teeth.

How Researchers Hope to Grow New Teeth

Most people develop teeth naturally. However, some people are born missing some or all of their teeth, a condition called congenital anodontia. The belief is that a protein called USAG-1 stops “tooth buds” from developing into either baby or permanent teeth. This treatment would suppress USAG-1 and “benefit tooth growth.”

Because ferrets have tooth buds similar to humans, researchers have already tested the drug on them. The scientists found that not only did they succeed in growing new teeth, but the treatment had no known adverse side effects!

The research indicates that this treatment can be successful for people who haven’t been able to grow teeth from birth and for those who are missing teeth due to cavities or loss.

Researchers are now preparing to enroll patients for Phase 1 of the trial, tentatively set to begin in September. This step is designed to ensure the treatment’s safety. Phase 2 is scheduled to kick off in 2025 and will test to prove the efficacy of the treatment.

If the trials are successful, scientists hope the treatment will be available to the public as soon as 2030. 

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