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AMBA’s 8 Simple Swaps to Eat a Healthier BBQ

AMBA’s 8 Simple Swaps to Eat a Healthier BBQ

Can a delicious summertime barbecue and a healthy eating plan coexist? BBQs may make you think of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, and ribs. But just because you’re firing up the grill doesn’t mean you’re stuck with high-calorie, high-fat choices. Follow AMBA’s steps to make it easy to eat heart-smart choices you’ll love.

AMBA’s tips for a healthier BBQ:

  1. Want to avoid the high-fat content of hamburgers while still enjoying all that juicy flavor? Choose low-fat beef, turkey, or veggie burgers instead. To add flavor, experiment with seasonings and top with grilled onions, mushrooms, or tomatoes. 
  2. Need your cheese fix? Add a small amount inside the burger instead of smothering it on top. You’ll still enjoy that cheesy taste but with less fat.
  3. Skinless chicken breasts and pork tenderloin are excellent alternatives to red meat. Grill until cooked through, then lightly brush with your sauce of choice.
  4. Want to enjoy the flavor without the fat? Choose turkey or chicken sausage. 
  5. Fish like salmon, skewered shrimp, and swordfish are great grilling options. 
  6. Marinades add flavor and tenderize leaner cuts of meat. Experiment with olive oil, mustard, vinegar, fresh herbs, garlic, teriyaki or soy sauce, or hot pepper flakes.
  7. Vegetables such as corn, eggplant, zucchini, portobello mushrooms, and peppers are grill favorites. Coat with olive oil, herbs, salt, and pepper before tossing on the grill rack.
  8. Don’t forget dessert! Grilled pineapple rings, peach halves, or watermelon wedges are delightful guilt-free dessert alternatives.

Do you have a recipe or another healthy alternative recommendation to share?