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There Are More Reasons to Get A Medical Transportation Membership Than You Think

Medical Air Services Association (MASA) is excellent coverage in the event you ever need to be taken by ambulance or emergency helicopter to a medical facility. But MASA also knows that you should have complete peace of mind if you do have a health crisis; that’s why they provide every benefit you could possibly need so you can focus on recovering.

You may already know that MASA provides coverage for best-in-class emergency air and ground transport 24/7 from home or anywhere in the world, which most insurances and Medicare don’t. When you consider that an ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars and an emergency helicopter ride can cost as much as $50,000, that protection is reason enough to get a membership. But the benefits of a MASA membership don’t stop there. The proof that MASA is there for you is in all of the additional benefits a membership provides:

Escort Transportation

MASA knows you and your loved ones want to be with each other every step of the way if you have to be rushed to a hospital. That’s why MASA flies a member’s spouse, family member, or friend to accompany them in the air.

Visitor Transportation

If you’re hospitalized while away from home for more than a week, you can select a family member to visit you and MASA will provide a round trip with an airline for the person selected.

Organ Retrieval / Recipient Transportation

Whether you’re travelling for an organ transplant or the organ is coming to you, you’re covered. MASA not only provides air transportation of an organ to be used in an organ transplant, MASA also flies members to the commercial airport nearest the medical facility where an organ transplant is scheduled to happen.

Recuperation / Repatriation

If you’re hospitalized while away from home, MASA will fly you to a medical facility near your home to recuperate around family and loved ones. 

Grandchildren/Minor Children Return

There’s nothing more distressing than worrying about your minor children or grandchildren being left alone in an unfamiliar place when you’re having a medical emergency. Don’t worry – MASA provides one-way air transport for return of the children to the commercial airport nearest their home.

Pet & Vehicle Return

MASA provides transportation of your pet to your residence. Same with your motor vehicle. If you had a rental, we’ll return it to the nearest rental company office or agent. 

Mortal Remains Return

If a member passes away while away from home, MASA returns their remains to their home.

There are even more benefits to a MASA membership for you to explore, because MASA knows and appreciates that during a medical crisis you deserve as much peace of mind as possible. With a policy through ASBA, we even took the worry out of joining. Not only can you sign up online, there are no premiums, deductibles or other hassles. Pay once and you’re covered.  Learn more.