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Watch Out: Cheap Eyeglasses Can Cost You

If you’ve bought eyeglasses at a drugstore or discount store to save money, they could cost you more than you think—especially when it comes to your vision and overall health.

Here are five reasons to avoid cheap glasses:

  • The frames break.Cheap eyeglasses are often made of inferior material that breaks easily. Plastic frames, for example, weaken with age, sunlight and facial oils.
  • The lenses scratch.Cheap coatings scratch easily. They’re also more likely to show fingerprints and other marks than quality coatings.
  • They look cheap.Plastic frames are prone to fade, wear and roughen over time. And cheap metal frames containing nickel alloys can irritate and discolor your skin.
  • They’re not made for you.There’s no way to properly size the frames to your unique face or ensure the lenses match your prescription.
  • They could harm your eyes. The wrong prescription and/or inferior lens quality could compromise your vision and affect your posture, safety and wellbeing.

“If you think you’ve solved the problem on your own, you may delay or even avoid getting regular eye exams,” says Dr. Eli Peli, Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School.

These exams could reveal not only vision problems but diabetes and other serious health issues as well.

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Source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/vision/cheap-reading-glasses-helpful-or-harmful