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Did You Know World Oral Health Day Is March 20?

Oral diseases are a major health concern for many countries and negatively impact people throughout their lives. Oral diseases not only cause serious pain and discomfort, they are often linked to other serious health issues. And the numbers are cause for concern: oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide, including more than 530 million children suffer from tooth decay in their primary teeth which can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss and missed school days.

Despite these numbers, there’s reason to hope: most oral health conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in their early stages.  

World Oral Health Day seeks to inform and educate about the importance of oral care, the link between oral health and overall health, and how simple maintaining good oral health can be.

Even the choice of the date – March 20 – is significant.

  • Seniors must have a total of 20 natural teeth at the end of their life to be considered healthy
  • Children should possess 20 baby teeth
  • Healthy adults must have a total of 32 teeth and 0 dental cavities. 32 and 0 looks like 3/20, hence March 20 

In order to create a truly global movement, World Oral Heath Day depends on individual action. From dental clinics in India offering free checkups to a family in Texas distributing toothbrushes and tooth paste to low-income neighborhoods, there are a myriad of safe and easy ways you can help get the world out.

Whatever you decide to do, however big or small, your actions can help improve oral health near and far.

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