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Can Alcoholic Drinks Damage Your Teeth?

Nothing is more enjoyable than kicking back on a warm evening with a cocktail or two. But have you ever felt a film on your teeth after drinking an alcoholic beverage? Many of the most refreshing drinks can do significant damage to your mouth.

Why Cocktails Damage Your Teeth

Many people joke that cocktails are “candy for adults.” The saying speaks more truth than intended: some of the most popular cocktail mixers are beverages like juices, soda, or energy drinks. All have a significant amount of sugar and a high acid content. Like eating candy or sucking on a lollipop, these sweet mixers can lead to various complications to your teeth and gums.

Alcohol can also effectively cause dry mouth because it reduces your mouth’s natural saliva production. Saliva washes away harsh acids and acts as a natural antibacterial to prevent bacterial growth, tooth decay, damage to your enamel, and periodontal disease.

Additionally, many people forget or neglect to brush their teeth before going to sleep after a few drinks, allowing tooth decay and damage to enamel to set in.

Which Cocktails Are the Most Detrimental?

Because of their high acid content and fruit juice ingredients, sangria, mimosa, screwdriver, vodka cranberry, and spiked lemonades and punches are among the most detrimental to a healthy mouth.

Also making the list are Bloody Mary’s, darker ales, and whiskey and coke.

Red wine is well-known for staining teeth, but both white and red wines have high quantities of acid. But a nice wine and cheese ensemble might be the perfect solution! Because cheese stimulates saliva production, it neutralizes the acids from your drink.

Additionally, other cocktails that are better options might be clear drinks with lower acidic and sugar content like vodka and gin.

Making Your Favorite Drinks More Mouth-Friendly

There are ways to cut back or even make your favorite drinks less acidic or sugary. For instance, you could swap tonic for water or sip from a glass of water after each sip. You could also chew sugar-free gum to increase your mouth’s saliva.

No matter what, make sure you brush your teeth after indulging in a libation. Talk to your dentist at your next check-up for more ways to keep a healthy mouth.

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