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AMBA Passport Can Save You On Your Tax Preparation

We hope you’re already taking advantage of the amazing savings AMBA Passport offers you on travel, dining, shopping, and more. Now more than ever, enjoying discounts is the smart and savvy way to save! And if there’s ever a time of year we’re reminded to save money, it’s tax season. So we have some big news for you: AMBA Passport offers big savings for first-time and returning H&R Block customers!

Pros of Professional Tax Preparation

No one ever said paying taxes is easy, but there are advantages to working with the professionals at H&R Block. Whether it’s for the convenience of someone else preparing your return or letting a professional help you find potential deductions, the professionals at H.R. Block can help you save time and money!
Even if you’re retired, you’re likely still responsible to pay taxes. If you are over the age of 65 and live alone without any dependents on an income of more than $11, 850, you must file an income tax return. If you are married and both are over 65-years old, your combined income cannot exceed $23,100 if you plan to stop filing taxes. Is your spouse younger than 65? This amount decreases to $21,850.
Is this already sounding complex? That’s why it’s a good idea to work with either H&R Block’s professionals or their impressive tools.

H&R Block offers four main ways to prepare and file taxes: do-it-yourself online packages, the option to add Online Assist (i.e. extra help from an expert), full service from a tax preparer, and downloadable computer software.

AMBA Passport offers new H&R Block customers a $25 discount on professional tax preparation. For prior and existing H&R Block clients, AMBA Passport unlocks 20% savings on H&R Block Online or the free Tax Identity Shield with professional tax preparation. Tax Identity Shield is another layer of protection offered to H&R Block clients to better safeguard their tax identity.
Whether you file on your own or with a tax pro, AMBA Passport and H&R Block help you save money! H&R Block promises to get you every dollar you deserve with their Max Refund Guarantee. And with the great discounts through AMBA Passport, why not let a professional help with this year’s filing?

How To Unlock Your AMBA Passport Membership:



  1. Download the Passport Mobile app from your app store or Google Play
  2. Select “Other Sign-In Options” and “Sign in with an Activation Code”
  3. Use Activation Code “ambasavers” to access the program
  4. Complete your profile and start saving!


  1. Visit myambadiscounts.com and click “Register Here” for first-time users
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter code “ambasavers” as your activation code
  4. Complete your profile and start saving!
    If you have any questions about AMBA Passport or would like assistance locating a specific discount or vendor, please contact Passport at 1-800-410-4211 or support@passportunlimited.com.

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