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Why is My Vision Cloudy? The Common Causes May Surprise You.

Cloudy vision is eyesight that is foggy or hazy. Types of cloudy vision can range from a mild fog to a dense layer that covers your entire view. Cloudy vision doesn’t happen on its own; it’s a symptom of another condition.

Causes of Cloudy Vision

Some of the common causes of cloudy vision include:

  • Cataracts A clouding of the eye lens. Most cataracts can be treated with surgery, which is generally very safe and effective.
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Damage to the eye that leads to a gradual loss of the vision in the center of your view. Some cases of macular degeneration can cause hazy vision and faded colors.
  • Fuchs’ Dystrophy A condition that causes cells in the cornea to degenerate. Vision can begin to look foggy when the cornea clouds or swells.
  • Eye Floaters Small spots and squiggly lines that float across your vision. Floaters don’t cause widespread clouded vision in the same way as many other conditions, but large floaters can themselves have a cloudy or hazy appearance.
  • Contact Lenses Wearing contacts can lead to cloudy vision due to dry spots, cracks, and tears in the lenses. Contacts can also lead to corneal edema, a swelling due to poor oxygen supply to the cornea.

While these are the more common causes of cloudy vision, they aren’t the only ones that can make your vision look hazy or foggy. Also, it’s important to remember that cloudy vision doesn’t always appear in both eyes; some people only notice it on one side.

When To See Your Eye Doctor

If you start to notice cloudy vision — in one eye or both — don’t try to self-diagnose your condition. Many of these problems can lead to vision loss or other health issues if left untreated. If you’re living with undiagnosed cloudy vision, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor. Eye doctors have expertise and special instruments that give them close-up, painless views of the inside and outside of your eyes.

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