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What the Helicopter?! Protect Yourself from the Sky-High Cost of Emergency Transportation.

Learning about the importance of getting an emergency medical transport membership might seem boring and filled with difficult-to-understand language.

That’s why we created this fun video to explain everything you need to know about Medical Air Services Association or MASA. It discusses everything from:

  • Why you should get it (did you know Medicare doesn’t provide full coverage for ambulance or emergency airlift rides? And an emergency airlift can cost as much as $50,000?!?).
  • All the great coverage membership provides (including full payment of transportation services, with no deductibles, co-pays or dollar limits), and more.
  • How you may enjoy a significant discount over standard MASA pricing, thanks to your membership in your association. We often will even waive the enrollment fee!

Get the medical transportation membership that could save your life…and your life savings! You can now purchase your MASA membership online.

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