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Want Expert Advice on Benefits? Work with An Expert: An ASBA Representative

Though friends and family can be helpful when you’re considering options for what insurance you need, there’s no substitute for the expert advice of an agent through ASBA.

Why? Because your needs are as unique as you are. Your lifestyle and health issues aren’t the same as your friends and family, so what’s good for them might not necessarily be right – or enough – for you. An ASBA agent knows this and can give recommendations and advice tailored for your specific needs. 

For instance, if you are having issues obtaining life insurance because of health or lifestyle issues, an ASBA representative can direct you to a Whole Life policy that guarantees acceptance regardless of lifestyle or pre-existing health issues.

Your own health and/or family history should also play a role in what insurance you should consider. Even which Medicare plan you choose can be a factor in determining if a MedSup plan is right for you. 

And, of course, your peers and loved ones might not know about the need for a Medical Air Services Association (MASA) membership or which of our Dental Plans is right for you.

ASBA provides knowledgeable Customer Service Associates and insightful Field Agents to help you review options and determine the right coverage for you—whether it’s dental insurance, vision plans, or other policies. They’re just a phone call away. It’s nice to know that anytime you have questions about your insurance needs, someone is ready to assist.

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