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This Vacation, Have The Time of Your Life and Protect Your Life

Vacations offer us the opportunity to break with routines and enjoy new adventures. But they can also tempt us to indulge in unhealthy meals, an extra libation or two, and too many late nights. Enjoying yourself to your heart’s content is important, but it’s also important to balance that with heart-healthy choices. We’ve got the tips you need to stay heart-healthy while on vacation.

Keeping Your Diet on Vacation

Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or checking out Michelin star-rated restaurants, heart-healthy choices are available.

  • At restaurants, tell your waiter you’re looking for healthier options and request their recommendations. The best chefs are able (and perfectly happy) to adjust their entrees with less oil or cheese and to offer alternative side dishes.
  • Opt for foods with less fat and more nutrients. Replace beef with chicken for example, or even give new vegan options like Beyond Burgers a try. Likewise, try replacing the macaroni or pasta salad with an actual salad. A vacation IS about new experiences, after all!
  • Sharing a clink of the glasses is always a highlight of any meal but remember to drink alcohol only in moderation. Also, especially in warmer climates, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.
  • Want to indulge in a little dessert? You might be surprised that your sweet tooth is satisfied after a bite or two. You can also split the dessert with your partner. A shared dessert is a shared experience!

Staying Active on Vacation

  • If you’re on the beach, go for a walk along the shore.
  • If you’re exploring a city and sightseeing spots are near, walking instead of taking a cab will give you the chance to experience a little more of the city’s day-to-day life.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel, take advantage of the fitness center at your hotel, or go for a swim in the pool.
  • Find a local park, bike trail and make time in your schedule to enjoy an activity or class.

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