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The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance While You’re Still Living

Think the benefits of whole life insurance only kick in should something happen to you?  Think again. There are many benefits to whole life insurance that can be enjoyed today, while you’re still here   to enjoy them and extend far beyond the peace of mind your family will be protected in the long run. Whole life insurance builds cash (or accumulated) value, which makes it an asset that you can use throughout your life. From a source of funding for emergencies to playing a key role in retirement planning you’ll find that whole life insurance has the access to become a flexible and critical part of your financial plan.

Here’s some important and eye-opening ways you can start enjoying the benefits of a whole life insurance policy from ASBA today:

Flexible Funds for Retirement

Want guaranteed income? You can choose to have your whole life policy payout for its cash value. This can be a stabilizing force in your retirement financial plan and help you manage market downturns or unexpected expenses. 

College Expenses

The cash value from a whole life policy is one of the few assets not considered in federal financial aid calculations for college. If you have college-age children, you can use the policy’s cash value to help pay for college expenses. Even better, this asset is excluded from financial aid calculations, so you won’t affect any potential financial aid offers! 

Long-Term Care

If unexpected medical needs arise in the future, you can access your death benefit in order to pay for long-term-care expenses.

These are just some of the ways you can take advantage of the benefits from a whole life policy from ASBA. While whole life insurance is a flexible asset that can add value to your financial plan while you’re still living, whole life insurance can also allow you to provide a legacy to your loved ones because it will pay a death benefit. You can pass the death benefit on to your heirs, or if you have a favorite charity or local cause, you can name the organization as a beneficiary to fund a legacy gift.

ASBA can provide you with a Whole Life policy that guarantees acceptance, regardless of wealth issues or your lifestyle. Even better, you can now buy your whole life policy online!

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