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Retirement in a Post-Pandemic World

“You can’t predict, but you can prepare”. This old saying is especially relevant to the world we now live in. Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped many things. One of the most significant is how people think about and plan for their retirement.

With all the upheaval of the year, many people are confused about how they can be prepared for retirement. One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic is that the future is far from predictable. Your retirement goals should include room for flexibility and to pivot as needed. For those nearing or in retirement, keep the following in mind.

Protect Your Savings in Retirement

Unexpected market downturns at the beginning of retirement can harm your savings permanently. Protect yourself with cash savings so you can maintain your principal and prevent yourself from running out of money.

Plan for the Long Haul

The average life expectancy in the United States continues to rise. That means we could spend decades in retirement. Think carefully about how you would like to spend these years and what activities and options you’d like to prioritize.

With a potential retirement of 30 years or more, you may even decide to keep working for pay or as a volunteer so you can stay engaged and social as you age.

Make Your Physical and Mental Health a Priority

The activities and behaviors you take now will influence how active and fulfilled you can remain later. Find nutritious eating options and physical activity that you enjoy so you can remain fit and healthy later in life. Plan to carry the habits throughout your golden years.

It’s true that the future is never certain. But by thinking ahead and making smart choices now, you can stay on track for a happy, healthy retirement. For example, a Fixed Income Annuity plan from ASBA, gives you locked-in income with a guaranteed competitive interest rate, multiple payout options, and even a nursing home waiver. If you want the assurance that your retirement plans never get jolted by sudden changes in the market or economy, ASBA can help find the right annuity for you.

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