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Recovering at Home: The Benefits of a Home Healthcare Policy

Returning home from a hospital stay can be cause for great relief, but here’s a statistic to consider: Older adults are even more at risk for dehydration, poor nutrition, weakness, and falls during the first 24-48 hours at home from a hospital visit.

To help prevent complications, illness and even readmission to the hospital, a home caregiver can provide excellent care to help out after you or your loved one return from a hospital stay.

Even what are normally the most mundane household chores are best left to your at-home caregiver while you recover. These include: 

  • Cleaning the house and, importantly, keeping your floors clear of clutter to prevent you injuring yourself in a fall.
  • Helping with any task that requires climbing, reaching, or walking on unstable ground.
  • Ensuring you maintain a proper diet while you recover to prevent dehydration and malnutrition.
  • Making sure you take all prescribed medications.

Plus, caregivers can drive to follow-up doctor’s appointments, assist with medications, and help with light housekeeping so you or your loved one can rest as they recuperate. An extra set of hands at home can provide peace of mind so you can focus on getting better!

Hospital visits are sometimes unavoidable. But having access to the care and help you deserve while you recover is a phone call or a few clicks away. ASBA has a Home Healthcare policy that lets you have the recovery time your doctor recommends and help prevent potential readmission to the hospital. Learn More Here.


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