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Overcome Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

Many of us never overcome the fear of going to the dentist. It’s no wonder: even a routine cleaning requires patients to sit for long periods as hygienists and the dentist poke at and examine patients’ mouths. Add to that, there is also the fear of getting the news that a dental procedure is necessary. Despite the recommendation to have a checkup every six months, some people will avoid the dentist for years.

But the old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is never more untrue than when it comes to your oral health. Whether it’s a routine cavity or worse, if you’re scared of dental procedures, avoiding the dentist is the worst thing you can do.

Is Your Fear of Going to the Dentist Causing Problems

The purpose of regular dental visits is to catch problems before they become too big. With regular visits to your dentist, you can potentially significantly decrease your need for major procedures.

Dental professionals understand that some patients don’t enjoy even routine checkups. A good dentist will work with you to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Communication is Key! 

The most important thing for you to know is that fears of visiting the dentist are more common than you may realize. An estimated 60{4041723e139b6b4f31dddbe6d75f16c77973055679a7bb523e38f021bdade945} of people in the United States suffer from dental phobia. Your dentist probably encounters people every day who also would rather be anywhere else but in their chair. But your dentist wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit.

Not only should your dentist talk to you at the start of your session and tell you what your visit will entail, but they will also welcome anything you have to tell them. If you help them understand exactly what you are fearful of, for example, if it’s needles or the drill, your dentist can make accommodations that work for you. 

Another great tip is to write down your questions before your appointment. This ensures you won’t forget anything and helps you get the most out of your appointment.

Take Your Focus Someplace Else

Experience the sight of patients of other patients or the sounds of dental drills can be nerve-racking. Distractions such as a book to read while waiting for your turn, headphones to play your favorite music, and even dark sunglasses to wear when you are in the chair can help distract you. Some dentist offices even have televisions for you to watch while they work on you!

Don’t Caffeinate Before Your Visit

Caffeine can make you jittery and more anxious, especially if you drink a lot of it or if your anxiety levels are already increased. If you suffer from dental anxiety, stay away from caffeine before your appointment. This won’t erase your fears, but you’ll probably feel calmer throughout your appointment, making it a much better experience overall.

Choose A Dentist You Trust

Nothing will help you overcome your fear of going to the dentist than choosing a dentist you trust. The right dentist wants you to be healthy and happy. With over 400,000 dentists in our network nationwide, the Dental Plans from ASBA will surely help you find the right dentist for you. Our plans even let you see out-of-network providers! You may never love having to get a crown or root canal, but you will be happier with the savings our plan provides on those and many other procedures! Learn More Here.