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Life Insurance is Not for You – It’s for Your Family

Odds are at some point you’ve considered buying a life insurance policy. All too often, people figure they’ll get around to it later or assume they won’t be able to qualify due to pre-existing conditions or lifestyle issues. If you recognize phrases like “I don’t need it”, “it’s too expensive”, or “I’ve tired and I don’t qualify”, read on.

You don’t purchase life insurance for yourself. You purchase it for the loved ones you leave behind. 

If something happens to you, you want to make sure they can afford the bills and pay for funeral, burial or cremation costs. A traditional funeral, including a casket and vault, costs about $6,000. Extras like flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards and limousines, can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line, running well over $10,000.

At a time of great emotional stress, you don’t want your family to be burdened with financial concerns. Life insurance can help provide some much-needed stability and normalcy in their lives during their grieving. 

Life insurance can also help you support a cause you care about. As well as naming family members as beneficiaries, some people choose to name their favorite charity, nonprofit organization, or religious institution. Your life insurance policy might even give you access to give in death more than you were able to donate during your lifetime.

And if you’re concerned about the rates of a Whole Life policy or your eligibility due to health issues like weight or a history of smoking, you don’t have to worry! Not only does ASBA have a high-quality Whole Life policy at a reasonable cost, but if you’re between 45 and 85, you’re guaranteed acceptance. Your premiums will never rise and your coverage is guaranteed as long as premiums are paid – PERIOD.

We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with coverage that our Whole Life policy comes with a No Obligation 60-Day Return Policy. If you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel. It’s that simple.

A Whole Life policy is the perfect way to make sure you protect your family from financial burdens during a deeply emotional time. This important way to protect your family can now even be purchased online in just a few clicks! Learn More Here.