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If Something Happens to You, What Happens to Them? Why Life Insurance is a Must

For many of us, one of the greatest causes of worry is the difficult financial impacts of our final expenses on our loved ones. If your family doesn’t have the funds needed to cover the costs, end of life expenses, like funeral costs, can be overwhelming. There is an alternative to leaving your family having to pay out of pocket for funeral costs.

In 2019, the average funeral cost for people in the U.S. was about $7,640. Burial-related extras, like extras like caskets, gravestones, flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards and limousines, can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line, running well over $10,000.

Plus, outstanding debts – such as a mortgage, car loan, or credit card- may become your spouse’s responsibility after you die. Creditors could try to collect from your estate. Life insurance can help shield your loved ones from outstanding financial responsibilities. 

The best way to give you and your loved ones peace of mind is to be prepared. The Whole Life Policy available through ASBA will help make sure your family has financial protection if something happens to you.

And we make it easy for you:

  • You Won’t Be Dropped Your coverage is guaranteed as long as your premiums are paid.
  • Premiums Never Rise Your rates are locked-in.
  • You’re Pre-Qualified! If you’re between 45 and 85, you’re guaranteed acceptance to our policy. No, ifs, ands, or buts.
  • No Obligation 60-Day Return Policy If you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel. It’s that simple.
  • You Can Purchase Online! Your policy is a few clicks away.

Financial security for your family is essential. A Whole Life policy is one of the smartest and most important ways to help them, especially during a difficult time. Learn More Here.


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