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Here’s a Reason to Make Your Dentist Smile: It’s National Dentist’s Day!

March 6th is Annual National Dentist’s Day. It’s an opportunity
to show appreciation to your dentist who keeps your smile healthy, fills your
cavities, fixes a broken tooth, and heals a toothache.

National Dentist’s Day is also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the
importance of dental hygiene. One of the things many dentists frequently
discuss is how they wish their patients understood oral health is not separate
from overall health.

Dentists can not only keep your mouth healthy, but your whole body. Regular
dental check-ups can do far more than just clean your teeth and check for
cavities. Your dentist may also help detect early signs of diseases like
diabetes, leukemia, and oral cancer before you even notice symptoms.

And anyone who can help us live longer and healthier deserve a special day
they can call their own.


  • They give you your best smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Your dentist
helps keep it looking good. Whether it’s encouraging you to floss, helping you
improve your bite line, or recommending you sleep with a mouthguard, your
dentist ensures you have the best, most attractive smile to show the world.

  • They keep us calm

Nobody has ever liked having a root canal! Dentists not only have to focus
on solving dental issue difficult problems, but they also want to make sure you
feel as secure and calm as possible.

  • They keep us healthy

Healthy teeth mean healthy bodies, and your dentist is there to keep your
mouth and body healthy and happy. If you’ve ever had a toothache or any kind of
dental emergency, you know how severe the pain can be! Your dentist is there to
make you feel our best, from head to toe. We have Dental Plans to help
keep your mouth in the best possible health. Find out how our plans can help
cover everything from routine check-ups to procedures like extractions, root
canals, crowns, and more.