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Helping Your Family Through the Most Difficult Time: The Importance of Whole Life Insurance

Planning for the future is always important. But there might be no more important time to prepare for than when you’re no longer here. A Whole Life insurance policy will help provide a foundation for your family after you’re gone.

Many people remember how difficult it was to arrange for their own parents’ funerals. Feeling the stress about the costs when all they wanted to do was be with their family. If you don’t want your own children to face the same situation, a Whole Life policy can put your mind at ease.  Knowing that there would be benefits to help your family when they need it the most can lift huge emotional burdens and allay the stress.

A Whole Life Insurance Policy helps your family:

  • Pay for funeral
  • Protect their savings and nest egg
  • Contribute to your grandchildren’s education
  • Pay down outstanding mortgages or other loan balances

Along with helping your family, you can even designate the money to be donated to charities of your choice.

Whole Life policies also have a guaranteed cash value guaranteed to grow at a set rate each year. Your policy’s cash value can provide numerous benefits that you can use while you’re still alive. Though it can take time for it to grow into a useful amount, you can borrow money against your policy’s cash value, use it to pay premiums, or even surrender it for cash in retirement.

Want to find out if a Whole Life policy is right for you and your family? We make it easy for you to find out! The Whole Life policy available through ASBA guarantees acceptance if you’re between the ages of 45 to 85! No exams, no tests, no questions. Plus, premiums are set at a fixed rate – and as long as they are paid, you will never be dropped for any reason! This plan even features a no-obligation 60-day return policy.

Ready to start helping your family? You can now purchase your Whole Life Insurance Policy from ASBA online. Learn More Here.