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Get Protected from the Costs of Emergency Transport

It might happen when you’re at home.

It could happen when you’re driving in your neighborhood and another driver rear-ends your car.

And it might be necessary when you’re traveling and a sudden, unexpected medical event happens.

Whether it’s a fall, a car accident, or something like a heart attack, the chance that you might someday need emergency transportation to the hospital is very real. You already know that.

What you might not know is how much emergency medical transportation can cost. Even a short trip to your local hospital via ambulance can cost thousands of dollars. And a trip by helicopter can cost as much as $50,000.

Here’s something else you might not know: those emergency transportation costs are not always covered by your insurance or Medicare. All too often, people are surprised to find themselves holding the bill – and the responsibility for the costs – for emergency medical transportation. A medical emergency is stressful enough. Is there a way to not bear the burden of this significant bill as well?

There is. Medical Air Services Association (MASA) has been providing life-saving emergency assistance to members for over thirty years. MASA covers your ambulance or airlift, regardless of your age or medical condition, protecting members from catastrophic financial loss when emergencies arise at home or while traveling. Services are paid in full, with no deductibles, co-pays or dollar limits. MASA provides coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The coverage goes beyond just the emergency transportation. Your MASA membership also includes Escort Transportation (so a loved one can join you for the ride to the hospital), Visitor Transportation (so a loved one can visit you if you’re away from home for more than week), Organ Retrieval/Recipient Transportation, Repatriation, Children and Pet Return, and more.

A trip to the hospital is stressful enough – the price of the trip doesn’t have to be. ASBA makes joining MASA easy. You can even sign up online. Learn More Here.