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Dashing Through the Snow for Holiday Travel? Be Sure Your Ambulance Bill Is Covered.

Santa may be checking the list of who’s naughty, but if you’re taking a road-trip to be with loved ones during the holidays, your checklist should be a little different. Packed the suitcases? Check. Phone chargers? Check. Coverage for medical emergency transportation? Wait…huh?

We all know that the holidays are a time of heavier traffic and potentially challenging weather and travel conditions. Even though situations like icy roads or other drivers busy texting instead of paying attention to the road may not be your fault, the potential for an accident are even higher than normal. 

If you’re in an accident and require an ambulance to get to a hospital, you could be responsible to pay thousands of dollars for the ride. If your injuries are severe enough or the nearest hospital is far enough away and you require emergency medical airlift, your bill could be as much as $50,000.

Why are ambulance and airlift bills so high? Typically, there are two parts to an ambulance bill.

  • First, there’s a fee for the initial pick-up.With ground transport, this can vary from approximately $500 to $1,000. For an air ambulance, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Secondly, there’s a per-mile charge.For driving, this is typically between $10-$30. But if you’re in the air, this can be several hundred dollars for every mile.

Your insurance only covers part of an ambulance ride. You could still owe thousands. Getting a bill like that? That would feel like a big lump of coal in anyone’s stocking.

Fortunately, you can protect your savings with membership in Medical Air Services Association or MASA. Whether you’re near home or traveling abroad, MASA covers your costs for emergency medical transport. MASA pays transportation services in full, with no deductibles, co-pays or dollar limits. Plus, MASA covers you regardless of your age or medical condition. Even better? You can now purchase your MASA membership online!

Make the holidays a little more enjoyable this year by knowing your protected.

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