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Can You Continue Receiving Important Benefits if the Policy Owner Dies? ASBA Makes It Easy

If you’ve lost your spouse and had insurance through them, you don’t need to be uninsured now.

There isn’t a more difficult time than when your loved one dies. The emotional toll of losing your spouse is enough, but frequently there are important practical issues that need to be quickly addressed. One of them is your benefits.

ASBA appreciates how stressful this time can be and can alleviate your concerns. We’ve included a distinct provision in our policies: when a member who has benefits through ASBA passes away, their spouse or family member can extend the benefits that were provided through their ASBA membership to their spouse or family member.

These benefits are some of the most important, like Dental and Vision. They can also be expensive to buy new on the market. The policies that you extend through your loved one’s policy will remain affordable and comprehensive.

We welcome the family of ASBA members to become members themselves and continue taking advantage of the benefits available.

ASBA has long prided itself on always being here for its members. ASBA is also proud to be here for members’ families when they need help most.