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AMBA’s Commitment to Our 400+ Associations is 100%

Whether or not you know the AMBA name, you’re already very familiar with how we help you and your association. AMBA plays an important role in your life already. AMBA has been helping association members like yours for over 65 years.

AMBA started decades ago with a single client and an important mission: Not only do hard-working educators lose essential insurance coverage when they retire, but many state legislatures attempt to cut back on the pensions and commitments that educators worked so hard to earn.

AMBA quickly formulated a plan to protect the retirement you have been promised. The most effective way AMBA could help associations fight for their members’ retirement would be to help the associations grow their memberships. After all, there’s strength in numbers. The more members your association has, the stronger and more effective your association’s voice in its fight to serve and protect you.

That mission has been incredibly successful for associations like yours. One example is the difference AMBA made for the Retired Public Employees Association of California (RPEA). RPEA was losing members. Their attempts at winning new ones were failing to gain traction. That’s when they partnered with AMBA. AMBA formulated a plan to win new members and re-engage current ones. The results: RPEA now has thousands more members than we would have had without AMBA’s expertise and insights.

Word spread among associations that AMBA could help them achieve unprecedented success. Today, AMBA now serves more than 400 associations across all 50 states and Canada. AMBA continues to help these associations grow and serve their members, as well as providing association members with affordable and high-quality supplemental benefits to millions of families and individuals.

AMBA’s success has allowed the company to expand who we serve. As well as retired educators, AMBA now assists additional dedicated, hard-working public employees, including:

  • State retirees
  • Active principals
  • Military
  • Trade professionals
  • Firefighters and law enforcement
  • Alumni groups
  • Allied Healthcare
  • State-based professional occupations groups
  • Nurses associations
  • Other non-profit associations
  • Private industry professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, and more.

AMBA’s Benefits

AMBA’s benefits continue to grow. AMBA’s array of benefits now includes comprehensive Dental and Vision plans, emergency medical transportation, Life insurance, and more. AMBA has also expanded to have professional liability insurance, called Proliability.

One of the most popular offerings is AMBA Discounts. This is an amazing service offered absolutely FREE. It’s no wonder why this program is a favorite perk: AMBA Discounts is your passport to exclusive discounts of up to 65%! This includes big savings on travel, hotels, dining, shopping, professional services, electronics, car rentals, and more!

AMBA also makes sure association members like you stay informed of the latest news with emails, articles, and more. AMBA agents also attend charter meetings and membership drives. It’s a simple formula: The more involved AMBA gets, the more members your association has – and with more members comes more strength.

AMBA is now one of the largest association and supplemental benefits companies in the country. But no matter its size, AMBA knows how important it is to ensure everyone who trusts us gets the service, benefits, and peace of mind they deserve.