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A Revolution You Can Hear: Amazing Innovations in Hearing Aids

Kelly used to think having to wear her hearing aid was a nuisance. For starters, she was always frustrated with the sound quality and she never liked the way the device looked in her ear. “To be honest, I always felt self-conscious wearing my hearing aid. I always felt other people would saw it, and think, ‘She’s hard of hearing’.”

Kelly was always the first among her friends to learn about new technology. She was the first to have a fitness tracker and, later, a smartwatch. Though she likes each of these devices, there were times she would forget or didn’t want to put it on, like if it were cold and she had to wear gloves for her morning walk or if she were going out and wanted to wear one of her nicer watches.

When she learned about a new hearing aid, she knew this was the device she’d always been hoping for. “You know how many times I’ve heard the promise that a new hearing aid delivered clean, crisp sound, and came away disappointed? Not this one, though! Quiet sounds are quiet, background noises are finally in the background, and the sounds that I want to focus on – whether it’s someone talking to me, the TV or music – this hearing aid intuitively puts the focus on what I you want to hear.”

But that’s just the start.  Not only does this hearing aid provide superior sound, it promises to revolutionize hearing aids with the amazing introduction of sensors and artificial intelligence for the ever in a hearing aid.

A crucial advantage the device has over wrist-worn fitness trackers, watches, or phones is that the head – and, specifically, the ear – is a much more accurate place to measure our physical activity and monitor the body’s signals than on the wrist or in a pocket. By including 3D motion sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope, these hearing aids can provide a more reliable readout of your steps and activity. 

And thanks to AI, this hearing aid can learn and perform tasks that no other hearing aid can, including letting you turn streaming on and off by simply tapping your ear instead of your hearing aid, translating languages, and tracking and measuring body and brain health. These devices let you do everything from stream your favorite entertainment, isolate a voice in hard-to-hear places, to let you remotely control your hearing aids without even to touch them.  You can even translate languages and stream the translation directly to your hearing aids as well as remotely receive adjustments from your hearing professional without having to go to their office.

“Now my hearing aid is gaining a whole different kind of attention. I don’t feel self-conscious about a hearing aid, I feel like I have an amazing device that monitors my body and brain health and lets me live life to the fullest – soundtrack and everything! Even my grandkids want to check it out!”

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