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A Gamechanger in the Fight Against Gum Disease Could Be on the Way

Gum disease is one of the most widespread problems. Most adults suffer from gum disease at some point, with many experiencing the condition more than once.

All gum disease is caused by plaque, a bacterial film that forms on the teeth. The first sign of gum disease is blood on your toothbrush or in your spit while cleaning your teeth. The gums may also bleed when you eat, which can cause bad breath.

Long-standing gum disease can turn into periodontal disease, which affects the tissues supporting the teeth. As the disease gets worse, the bone anchoring the teeth in the jaw wears away and tooth loss can occur. If left untreated, the consequences can become irreversible.

But there is cause for optimism. Even though right now there is no cure for periodontal disease, researchers are working on a new treatment that combines biological and mechanical techniques to repair and regenerate bone and gum tissue.

Researchers created a thin, film-like membrane that was coated with a special material that can speed up bone regeneration. They then surgically implanted the membrane between the inflamed gum and tooth. This membrane blocks the infection from the gums and delivers antibiotics, medication and growth factors to the gum tissue. The membranes were able to slow down periodontal infection, promote bone and tissue regeneration.

Even though there is presently no cure for periodontal disease, it can be controlled with good home care and regular visits to the dentist.  Your dentist can help slow or – caught early enough – stop periodontal disease. ASBA has excellent dental plans that can cover everything from routine checkups to significant savings on procedures. Learn More Here. 

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