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ASBA Supplemental Retirement Plan
Manage your time and save 15% off non-dated products

ASBA is proud to offer its members a way to plan for a secure future or enhance their current retirement savings by opening an ASBA Supplemental Retirement Account administered by Independent Plan Coordinators (IPC). Non-Qualified Tax-Deferred Annuities, Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs are available through this offering that is FREE to ASBA members.

Visit or call IPC at 1-800-368-3515 to learn more. You can also view a complete brochure or download an enrollment form.

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Fixed Index Annuity
Why a Fixed Index Annuity?
• Protects your investment from downturns
• Enjoy market gains without downside risk
• Offers guaranteed interest rates
• Provides income for your entire lifetime
• Liquidates penalty-free for Confinement, Terminal Illness and Home Health Care
• From a carrier you know and trust: A+ rated by Standard and Poor’s, in business for over 133 years

For more information please email to learn more!